September 9, 2005

Newspaper article about my brother.....

My family and I are originally from a sleepy little town in the hills of West Virginia called Oceana. There are no stop lights but there are two stop signs. That's how small it is. It was a great place to grow up though. We left our doors unlocked and everybody knew everybody else. We knew all the kids in our school by name. No mega schools there, thank goodness. Friday night football was a big deal too. All the things that make a small town a great place, we had.

There's a small newspaper in our county, The Independent Herald, that is published weekly. It covers all the important goings on in our scores, church news, birthdays, etc. So, when you make it into the paper you know you've done something right. Well, guess what? My big brother, James Lee Roy Blake Cook has made it into this weeks edition! I'll stop right there and let you read it for yourself at this link. In addition, here's the link to their home page. I do want to add one more thing......I am very proud of my big bro!

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