September 4, 2005

Praying for Katrina's Victims

Our family went to church this morning for our normal worship service. However, the Lord had laid something very special on our Pastor's heart. After the hymns and praise choruses were sang, he spoke about Hurricane Katrina's devastation. The congregation then prayed silently for 15 minutes. It was amazing. I could feel the Lord's presence and knew he was listening intently. As our pastor said, "Man will not be able to save themselves, only God will be able to do that." I hope you remember Katrina's victims in your daily prayers. If you haven't helped in some capacity yet, but feel led to do so, please don't hesitate. Give all you possibly can.

For those who have people missing in the wake of Katrina: SATERN - The Salvation Army's Team Emergency Radio Network has been activated. To send a health and welfare request regarding family and friends you otherwise are unable to locate click here.

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