October 18, 2005

Friend of the Week

Each week at Tater Tot's preschool they study a different letter from the alphabet. This week the letter is "Pp." That means Tater (whose actual name begins with "P") is "friend of the week." He is so excited and has waited for this week since the beginning of school. He gets to take something each day this week to share with his classmates. So far, he's taken monster trucks both days! After all, that is his favorite thing in the world right now. He also got to help me create a poster board with pictures of his family on it. It is now on the wall in his classroom. Boy does he feel extra special this week. However, I think it may be going to his head a little. I'm going to make cookies in the shape of a "P" for their snack on Thursday. He said, "...and they have to eat them too, 'cause I'm P***** and this is my week." See what I mean about it going to his head?

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