October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Our annual halloween bash started at 4:30 today in our development. Everyone always gathers in one of the cul-de-sacs for fun, games, pizza and drinks. The favorite part for the kids is always the hayride. Once it gets dark all the kids go trick-or-treating of course. This year it was daddys turn to take the boys and I stayed home to enjoy the various fairies, princesses and vampires that rang our bell. The boys have already completed their annual ritual of trading candy. Once this is done, they make of a pile of the rejects...you know... the smarties, "yucky" bubble gum and the like. That goes to work with daddy tomorrow. I've already heard the first "my belly is hurting" which came from Payton, our 5 year old. Hopefully we can nurse him through it, if not I guess we'll have to pump his stomach to purge the ton of sweets he's already got in there!

As always, for more pictures, go to flickr.com. Just click on the pics to make them larger!

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