November 7, 2005

A Visit to Mayberry

This past weekend we visited Mt. Airy and Pilot Mountain, N.C. My in-laws moved to Pilot Mountain the weekend before. They have been waiting for this time in their lives (retirement) for many years. We were anxious to visit them and check out their new digs. My brother-in-law also came down to join in the fun. We toured the new home place, went to a flea market, saw Aunt Bea's and just visited. We're excited about having them a little closer to us. Before this they were 8 hours away, now they're only 3. And, we wound up with some great furniture. Since they are "down sizing" they don't quite have room for everything they once thought they needed. Yeah for us! Want to see more pictures. Go to Mayberry pictures at (just click on them to enlarge them)

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