February 2, 2006

Last night we were off to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. It's nice to just have to travel all of five minutes to get downtown to the civic center. Anyway...we got there an hour before the show began (as they suggest) to meet and greet the clowns and join in on a little pre-show fun. The show actually started at 7:30. The boys had a great time but were sooo tired by the time we got out at 9:30, which is 30 minutes past their bed time. But...it was the circus for Pete's sake. They only come to town once a year so it was worth it. They have done away with the 3 rings this year and there's only one big ring. We all liked the old way better. They also had a little story line that ran throughout the entire show which was kind of interesting. Payton was bored and ready to go....until they brought out the motorcycles. That's right up his alley. Of course Garrett enjoyed in from beginning to end. On the way home he said maybe he'd be a clown when he grew up. I told him that was really possible and might just suit him to a T. I told him there was actually a clown college he could go to. He said, "wait, how long does that take?" Since he's already informed us that he's NOT going to college (yes, he's only 8), I assured him that it was probably less than a year. He was all for that and is set in his career path now! We'll see I guess.... As always, for more pics visit flickr.

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