February 26, 2006

My Latest Poem

Courage of a Man

How do you measure the courage of a man?
Could it be by looking at his nail-scarred hand?

Or maybe the soldier who goes off to war
Not quite sure what he’s fighting for.

Is it the officer who proudly patrols our street
Never knowing exactly who he may meet?

What about the men who work deep in the mine
Only able to see where their lights shine?

Could it be the firemen who battle the blaze
And seldom receive any praise?

Maybe it’s the man who faces cancer head on
Not knowing if he’ll live to see another dawn.

Is it the man who serves the Lord
While knowing many will not seek His rewards?

The man who faces his own fears each day
Should kneel on his knees and courageously pray.

© Shane Hawk 2006

More of my poetry can be found on my poetry site.

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