February 7, 2006

Two by Two

In the past four days we have been to the pediatrician's office two times. First it was for Bubby. Diagnosis: right ear infection and pink eye. He missed two days of school. Now, not to be left out, it's Tater's turn. Diagnosis: right ear infection and croup. Croup? This is our first experience with this particular ailment. He's to be out of school for five days. Bubby is feeling better and trying his best to get caught up on the mountain of work he missed at school. Tater isn't getting much sleep at night as that is when his cough is really bad. Week before last it was out dogs, Bo and Chase, that were sick and on meds. Seems like whatever it is in the water is taking it's toll on our household two at a time. I sure hope Darrin and I aren't next. We'll just stick to Coke and stay away from water as a precaution.

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