June 1, 2006

It's POOL time....

Since it was in the 90's on Tuesday, we decided to go ahead and get the pool set up for the summer. Since hubby "thoroughly cleaned it" before storing it away last fall, I figured it would be a snap. Just get it out of the box and fill 'er up. Not! I guess the dirt fairy visited it during the winter months. We had to spread it out on the trampoline and give it another cleaning first.
After that was all done, we smoothed out the mulch and dirt and laid out some carpet remnants. The floor of the pool was a little bumpy last year so we're hoping this will prevent that. After getting it situated just right it was time to let the water do it's job. The boys just couldn't wait. They played in it while it was filling up. Uh, maybe we should have just left the 3" of water in it. They seemed to like it.
After about 7 hours and 4,000 gallons of water, it's ready to use. Never mind that the water is freezing cold (to me anyway). The boys have been in it non-stop for the past two days. They don't seem to mind that their lips are blue when then finally do get out. Our $200 investment last year was a good one. It provides hours of fun and entertainment for the boys and their friends.

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  1. That looks so awesome! I have been wanting one of those, but my husband has a fear of water around the kids so we have to wait until the little one gets a bit bigger. Plus our big dog would tear it to pieces in a minute.

    We have been enjoying fifty degree weather here the past couple days in WV.


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