June 7, 2006

Last day of school

Today was Garret's last day of second grade. They had school three days this week but only went until 12:30 each day. Is that crazy or what? On Monday we attended his awards program where he received an award for Art class. He knew nothing about it and was totally surprised when they called his name. His teacher had sent home a letter (in a sealed envelope) the week before telling us about it and asked us not to tell him. What a nice surprise, huh? Then, on Tuesday, they just wanted movies. Today was they cleaned out their desks and had their farewell party. They joined the other three second grade classes and had pizza outside. Of course Payton and I were there to enjoy it too. He's going to miss his teacher so very much. She asked me if she could keep him another year and before I could even answer he loudly said, "YES!" He's a little frightened about going on to third grade. He's heard horror stories about all the homework he'll have. Well, now we have about ten weeks of fun ahead of us. We'll be going to the beach for a week, visiting relatives in West Virginia, swimming lots and who knows what else.

Garrett & his "girlfriend" Marian

Garrett & Payton at the year end picnic

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