June 8, 2006

Tee Ball season is here

Soccer season has been over for all of 3 weeks now. Now, we're going right into tee ball season. This will be Payton's second year playing at the YMCA. Garrett gave it a try when he was Payton's age but didn't like it. Payton just can't wait to move up to Little League. He wants someone to actually pitch the ball to him. He and daddy went shopping for all the essentials...new "Chipper Jones" glove, 14 oz. bat and a glove. They have four practices and then the season starts. Unfortunately he'll miss the first two games because we'll be on vacation though. This year his team is the "Marlins." He was a little bummed about that. Last year they were the "Brave," his and his dad's favorite team. He says he's just going to wear his jersey from last year! I tried to explain that that just won't work. One skill he has has down to a T is sliding. He always slides, if it's necessary or not. He says it makes the game "more funner." I guess. All I know is I'll be using a lot of bleach over the next few weeks!


  1. The 'sliding' picture is absolutely priceless. Hang on to it, one of these days that will be gold when you're tormenting him in front of his friends.

  2. We bought Jacob a tee ball set to "practice" with here as my intent is to put him in teeball in the spring (our Y does it in the spring only). Let's just say I don't think he is athletic or coachable. SIGH...I am hoping the little one was passed an athletic gene somewhere. I want teeball and soccer games!


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