August 7, 2006

Lady of Leisure

Well, I'm home from West Virginia anyway. I left for WV with two boys and two dogs. I returned with just the dogs! Tater decided that he wanted to spend a little more time with Gee and Paw in WV. Bubby then decided he wanted to spend his last week of summer vacation with his Nana and Papa in North Carolina. And...who was I to say no? So, I suppose for the next few days I'm a lady of leisure. Yesterday evening when I returned home, hubby and I went out for a nice quiet (and delicious) meal at Red Lobster. I just love their shrimp scampi! I spent the entire day today doing absolutely nothing and it was beautiful. I slept in, watched a little tv, caught up on some blog reading, etc. Now we're heading out to eat again. Tonight it's going to be Chili's (we only eat there for their "molton chocolate cake" dessert). Starting tomorrow though I do have some work to do. I have a house to clean. After all, hubby has been here a week alone! No, really, he did a fantastic job of keeping it neat and tidy. I just need to do the detail work...dust, vacuum, etc. My in-laws will be coming down on Thursday to bring both boys home and then stay for a few days to visit. Then, next week, school starts. So hard to believe that the summer is all but over. Where in the world did it go?

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