September 3, 2006

Overheard from our 5 year old...

  • "Hey Bubby, last night I pooted two times in the bath tub and it made bubbles!"
  • "Don't pull my ears. It makes me poo diddle in my pants."
  • While undressing for bath time...."Mommy, mommy skid marks today!"
  • While in the restroom at a store..."Mom, don't you get tired of sitting down? Why don't they have those stand up things like when I got to the bathroom with daddy?"
  • "But I have to wear my pink shirt today. It means I'm brave."
  • "Did everything used to be alive?" "Even that lamp?"
  • "Tomorrow will it be today?"

As you can tell, he's got quite a fascination with all things related to the potty right now. Oh when, oh when will this end?


  1. Not sure that it ever ends! Sorry 'bout that!

  2. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Oh the joys we as children had.
    We found the least little thing amusing while somethings can be embarrassing to our parents and at times when looking back at our childhood we can find ourselves very embarrassed.
    How do you deal with it?
    It is certainly not something to spank a child over.
    When you get them in a private place you tell them over and over and over... the proper times to say things and eventually it will catch on and they will quit.
    Hope you find some advice in this.

  3. Ok....

    I think its five. Jacob was called poopy diaper head at school the second day and it has fascinated him ever since. It is actually quite funny and even his seventy year old teacher finds humor in it, although it isn't allowed. Glad to hear he isn't the only one.


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