September 24, 2006

Tater Tot's 6th Birthday Party

And the never ending birthday week continues...... His actual birthday was Tuesday, so he got gifts from us then. Friday, Gee & Paw came down so he got gifts from them that evening. Then, Saturday was his pool party at the YMCA. Whew...what a week! He loved it though. There were 19 kids at the party. Six of his friends from K4 last year came. And, the biggest treat, was his K4 teacher coming! He (and her other past students) was so happy to see her! Wasn't that so sweet of her to come? The theme for the party was Disney's "Cars" movie of course. He and his friends swam for an hour then it was time to eat and open gifts. We all had a great time. Now, just six more months until Bubby's!

There are more pics on flickr.

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  1. Happy Birthday Payton!

    Sounds like a really good time.


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