October 13, 2006

How precious is this?

As Tater Tot was walking out the door for car pool yesterday morning he stopped, turned around, looked up at me with his precious brown eyes and said, "I'm really starting to like school, Mommy!" Music to my ears. He's not liked it since day one. Kindergarten just isn't as fun as pre-school he would tell me. Thank you, God for answering that prayer.

Then, when he came home yesterday afternoon he says, "You know I told you I was starting to like school?" "Yes (with fingers crossed)?," I replied. "Well, I am......but......... I miss you all day. I think about you on the way to school, during group time, center time, lunch, recess and really at nap time. I just miss you too much." I just wanted to scoop him up and squeeze him tighter than ever. He's got me wrapped around every single one of his little fingers and he knows it. Watch out in about ten years girls, he's a smoooooooth talker! You can't say I didn't warn you.


  1. That's a good picture. Glad he is liking school better. All day school is rough.

  2. That is sweet.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the picture and thank God your little one likes school. Mine liked kindergarten even more than pre-K. The good thing is that they still have fun, go on field trips and such. I was class mom that year and it was a ball.

  4. That is so precious! What a treasure to remember.


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