October 26, 2006

Supporting our Troops

Bubby & I have just finished stuffing over 60 envelopes to send to the "Letters from Home Program." They are based in Johnsburg, PA and have been sending letters, cards, and care packages to our troops for the past two years. It couldn't be easier to participate. Just buy/make as many cards as you'd like, sign them (we add a little computer printed note to each card), and mail them to LFHP. They do all the rest. After last year's Christmas campaign, we heard back from five of the soldiers that received our cards. We have kept in touch with them throughout the year. We feel like it's the very least we can do to support our men and women in the military. Whether we agree with this war or not, we still support our troops! So, if you're interested, check out their website. But...do it soon. The deadline is Nov. 19th. They must receive your cards by this date to get them to the troops in time for Christmas. Here are a few other sites that also offer various ways to show your support for our military personnel:

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