October 1, 2006

We're off to see the Wizard

Front row seats!

Tater Tot checking out the orchestra pit durring the intermission

Last night I took the boys to see a production of "The Wizard of Oz." (Hubby had to work late so he couldn't go with us). It was Tater's first musical and
Bubby's second. Surprisingly, Tater did well until the last 15 minutes or so. It was rather long...2 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. Bubby, of course, loved it. He wants to be in one now. The set designs were amazing as were the special effects. Afterwards, we met Hubby for a very late supper (9:30 pm). We were all tired and ready for bed when we got home, but it was a really nice evening out with my guys!

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