November 1, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Tater Tot the "dirt biker racer"

Bubby as "Yoda"

The boys had a great time last night of course. Boy did they make out too! They came home with nothing but the good stuff...Reese's, Snickers, generic stuff (which is what I always got as a kid). They've already sorted, traded with each other and given what they don't like to their dad. Now the part they don't like, me limiting them to 3 pieces a day until it's gone. Hopefully, sometime before Easter, it should all be eaten.

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  1. I found a yoda costume Adams size and passed it up at the beginning of the season. Then Jacob decided to go as Darth Vadar so I went out for it and it was gone. I was so disappointed. Your boys look great.


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