November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

In honor of our 15th wedding anniversary today, here are thirteen things I love about being married...
  1. Seeing my best friend every day
  2. Always having a shoulder to cry on
  3. Having someone to snuggle with when I'm cold
  4. Being referred to as the "misses"
  5. Sharing a last name
  6. Being able to finish each others sentences
  7. Our marriage being blessed with our two boys
  8. My extended "in-law" family
  9. Knowing there will always be at least one person on my side
  10. The nick names we have for each other
  11. Having "our" special song
  12. I love the fact that he's know me since I was 4 years old
  13. Sharing each day's up and downs with each other

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  1. how NICE. Happy Anniversary!

    and Happy TT.

  2. I love being married as well. What a great TT! Mine is still up!


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