November 30, 2006


Thirteen signs that it's Christmas time in the south......
  1. People pick out their live trees while wearing shorts
  2. You see palm tree "Christmas trees" in yards
  3. The weather turns really the 50's!
  4. People get their turtlenecks and scarves out for the "cold" weather
  5. You watch the Christmas parade without a coat on
  6. Stores are still having sidewalk sales
  7. You have your air conditioner on while decorating the Christmas tree
  8. They use a snow machine to make downtown look festive
  9. The kids get excited to see frost on the grass (the closest thing to snow down here)
  10. It is winter but there are no sleds for sale anywhere
  11. You're still mowing grass in December
  12. There are pansies blooming right beside your light covered bushes
  13. I'm still wearing flip flops

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. is so much different in the south isn't it?

    There was to be a Christmas parade in the town my mom is at in East Texas tonight and they CANCELLED it because it's too cold....33 degrees expected, so no parade. Now, a Christmas parade should be something you freeze your buns off at and then go home and have some hot cider am I right? THese southereners.....


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