December 10, 2006

It's a good thing they're so cute...

Okay, imagine've just finished cleaning the house and you need to run out just for a minute. You won't be gone long at all. You make sure the Christmas tree lights are off, grab your purse and keys and head out. You return only 40 minutes later to find this.............

Now, the boys are at school, so they can't possibly be blamed. Hubby is at work, so it couldn't have been him. Who then, you ask? Enter Bo and Chasie. They apparently found my bag of goodies I had stashed in my office (my pantry was just too full). Just the day before I had purchased all the necessities to make tons of yummy candies and cookies for the holidays. I guess they just couldn't wait until the ingredients were actually combined into some yummy concoction. Oh no, they wanted the powdered sugar now! Oh what a mess. From the office, through the entry way, into the living room, on their bed and finally in front of the patio door. Yep, that was their path of destruction. Bo swears it wasn't him, but I've seen too many crime shows on TV, I think he's lying!

And, my will never be the same. There are still clouds of white coming from it when I turn it on, despite the thorough cleaning I gave it.

The dogs, you ask? Well, after several hours of interrogation, they finally admitted that each of them were equally guilty. Once they come down from their sugar high, we will give them their sentence.


  1. I KNOW this had to be such a mess, but I couldn't help but smile - for 2 reasons: you wrote it so well and, also because it didn't happen in my house. :-) Cute story and such adorable doggies! Great visuals!
    Merry Christmas, my dear.
    P.S. Katie landed in Raleigh a short time ago. I can't wait to see her! You will understand this in a few years - the grow up and they move to NYC! :-)

  2. Oh wow... that's hilarious (and maddening, I'm sure!) :o) It makes me thankful for my "bear episode". lol

    Thanks for stopping by!


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