December 4, 2006

Okay, Christmas can come now!

I have finally finished decorating the house. I really dreaded it for some reason this year. But once I got everything out, I just couldn't stop. That's usually the way it is though. So, with Christmas music playing and a nice 70 degree day, Bubby and I got busy! Here is the final result....let the merriment begin.

Our tree is covered with sentimental ornaments, ones the boys have made, etc. We've used the angel on top since our first Christmas together in 1991.

Our manger scene is ten years old. It was a gift from my mother.

I made our stockings in 1997 (Bubby's first Christmas). I bought an extra and that became Payton's. What is the fifth stocking for? Our doggies of course!

For some reason the boys love this lighted garland on the banister.

Bubby was such a big help in putting the lights on the bushes. Thanks, Bubby!

*P.S. - You can click on each picture to get a really big picture if you want.

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