January 25, 2007

Breaking the Bank -- Update

Just one word of advice......If you have health insurance be thankful, be very thankful! Last night I strolled into CVS to pick up a one month supply of prescriptions for me, hubby and Bubby. Five minutes later, I walked out in disbelief. That was the fastest $381.67 I have ever spent. Like I said....be thankful! We certainly will be when May 1st comes around. Until then, I'm quarantining my entire family. I absolutely refuse to let anyone get sick between now and then. So, if you plan on visiting, please don't take it the wrong way when you see the basket of medical mouth & nose masks by the door. Just slap it on and come right in!

P.S. -- I've been asked if we've checked into continuing our health insurance through COBRA until our new insurance kicks in. Yes, we have. It's only $1,423.00 a month! So, we're going to take our chances.


  1. Very grateful, I gripe from time to time about our copays and uncovered expenses but oh without it we couldnt survive. Here's hoping good health!

  2. I think we must be very fortunate. I hear about these kind of prescription bills all the time...but have never come close to having them myself. I can't imagine what kind of prescriptions would warrant a monthly bill like that.


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