January 16, 2007

Bubby, brooms, mops and doors

Today was a learning day for Bubby. He has a bad habit of going outside and leaving the door wide open. And, since he isn't being raised in a barn, that is unacceptable. I've repeatedly asked him to "please close the door behind you." Today, however, I decided it was time for a different course of action. I immediately summoned him back inside, explained what he'd done (again) and then told him to stand there and close it (gently) 10 times. He thought it was sort of funny at first and happily complied. It wasn't ten minutes later that he left it open again! This time I had him open and close it 20 times. It was still fun and he amused me at this point. Throughout the course of the day, he had to close it 30...then 40...and, finally, 50 times. By the time he reached 40 the fun of it had disappeared and he was quite annoyed. Yeah! That's what I'd hoped would happen. So, after opening and closing the patio door 150 times today, I think he's got the idea. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Next, we moved on to teaching the lesson of "not wearing your shoes in the house." He's also been told not do to this and to make sure that any friends he has visiting remove their shoes as well. After seeing muddy shoe prints on my freshly mopped kitchen floor this afternoon, I again summoned him inside. He was hoping that is usual "I'm really sorry" would get him off the hook. Nope, not today. He had to sweep and then mop the kitchen floor again. He did not take too kindly to that. After he was finished, he returned to his friends who had been waiting outside for him. And, much to my satisfaction, he soon told them (upon entering the back door) "Guys take your shoes off, I just mopped the floor!" Ahhh....music to my ears.

*Disclaimer: Tater Tot spent the majority of the day at his friends house next door. But, Bubby quickly informed him of the days goings on upon his return. It is my hope that Tater will learn something by hearing Bubby's story of anguish. Also, there was no school today due to a "teacher's work day."

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  1. I'll have to tell my hubby about the opening and closing of the door. The kids arent too bad about it but it does happen and he just hates it.


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