February 13, 2007

A college valentine from Bubby

Bubby is going to college one night a week! Yes, he's only 9 years old, but he's going to BJU once a week for two hours. A few weeks ago a professor from the university called to see if I'd be interested in letting him come to campus two nights a week to receive free tutoring. Well, duh! Free? He's there!! He is working with a wonderful student who is studying to become a teacher. She helps him with reading primarily. But, it's how she does it. She's very creative and he actually enjoys going. Tonight she helped him create a themed story, type it into the computer and then print it out. He loved it. She let him pick the topic. What did he pick? Something he knows a lot about he said.....his mom. Boy did he score some points. This is what he wrote:

My Mom

My mom's name is Shane. I love my mom because she is nice.
My mom makes me laugh. My mom has blond hair.
She is pretty. My mom and I like to cook. Her favorite color is pink.

He even added a little cupid clip art and drew a red heart with an arrow through it. Isn't that so sweet? That is what Valentine's Day is made of when you're a mom.


  1. I am glad he has that opportunity, sounds like he is enjoying it.

  2. How sweet!!! My heart just melted!!!

  3. Shane this is beautiful!!! It would totally melt me also.


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