March 6, 2007

Let's hear it for Blue Bird Blogs

Give me a B-L-U-E-B-I-R-D-B-L-O-G-S........
In a jam and can't get out?
Give Blue Bird Blogs a great big shout!
Susie will know just what to do.
She'll fix you up good as new!

Yep, I was tinkering with my html tonight...adding a new button. Well, I added the button but boy did I mess everything else up. It was 11:00 p.m. but I emailed Susie anyway and kept my fingers crossed. As always, she was there ready to help. Now, we're back up and good as new. I'm telling ya people, if you need want a new blog design, she's the best. Plus, as proven, she's there for tech support too. Thanks a bunch, Susie. You're a peach!

P.S. (for Susie) As promised, my current blog html is saved and tucked away for future reference should the need arise!


  1. Yes, before even reading your post I was admiring the design and I noticed "Bluebird" I've actually been recommending bluebird to people myself because I've seen such great designs from her.

    I see some of my buttons on the sidebar, I'm hoping they didn't goof you up tonight. :(

  2. Susie has had to go beyond the call of duty for me! She has been so sweet to me!And very helpful!

    I posted back to you on my comments about finding a church with an article. I hope it helps!

    Thanks for visiting me,too!!!

  3. Yep, Susie rocks. She is the sweetest person there is.

  4. I've read good reports about Susie all over the place, so I am really excited about her redesigning my blog. I've been surprised just how much I have got into blogging, so have made the plunge in asking for my own design! I know she has a long waiting list right now, but, judging from this design and many others, it'll be worth waiting for!


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