March 7, 2007

There are 10 of me in the U.S.
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How many have your name?

I saw a link to this silly little site on my cousin's blog so of course I clicked on it. I found out some pretty interested little tidbits:

  • There are 142,485 people in the U.S. with the first name Shane.
  • 97.89% of people with the first name Shane are male.

I suppose I am pretty unique since only ten other people in the United States share my exact name (first and last name). However, I have never really been a big fan of my name. I've often questioned my mother about her choice. How was it possible that she looked at her newborn daughter and thought the name "Shane" was appropriate? Shane? That's a western movie about a cowboy for Pete's sake! And, to make matters worse, it isn't even my first name. My first name is quite feminine and would have worked just fine. But oh no, she added the ultra male name to it and then chose to call me that as opposed to my first name. I do like my name better now that is paired with my husband's last name. It does sound a little "cool" I suppose. I was determined that when we had children they would go by their first names. I thought, if I didn't really like their first names enough to actually call them by it, then why give it to them in the first place? Well, anyway, go see how many people share your name.


  1. There is only one of me in the entire USA it says, but when I google myself I find someone with my name got an MBA from Northwestern six years ago. SO, don't know what's up with that. Hope no one stole my identity. I did lose my drivers license once.

  2. I put in my actual name from my brith certificate and it says 0 people have it...not hard to believe...I always swore my kids would have normal name is Kelodi (dont hear that everyday) my parents wanted two girls Kelodi and Melodi...only got me and a brother. I have gone by Kelli or Kel forever!

  3. Apparently, there is NO-ONE with my surname in the States. Now I am Scottish, but you'd think someone has once emigrated to the US!

    I'm visiting from the Blog Party - thanks for having us!

  4. Fun idea. there are 194 people with my exact name that I was born with and 99.9% are female. I would wonder who the .1% would be? LOL

    There are 1,159 born with my married name.

    My Sister in law has a name that her mother made up. She loves that there is no one in the world with her name and that no one can ever pronounce it. Go figure. That would drive me bananas.

  5. I only had 2 people with my name (first and last). Cool!

    By the way, I'm officially inducted into the Loser Mom about it here:

    Hope all is well!


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