April 25, 2007

Dad's a Coconut Head!

This evening daddy and Tater were at the kitchen table working on Tater's homework. This is always my job, but tonight I just wanted a break. So, I'm in the office typing away on the keyboard when I hear this conversation.....

Tater: "Dad, that's not how I'm supposed to do it!"
Dad: "Sure it is."
Tater: "Dad, that's just not right."
Dad: (re-reading the directions)
Tater: "Come on Dad, this is kindergarten work!"

I figured I'd better chime in at this point.....

Mom: "Tater, do you want me to help?"
Tater: "Whew, finally.....mom."

He gathered his paper, clipboard and pencils and came into the office. While shaking his head he said, "Boy, dad's a coconut head!"


  1. mwaaaaaaahahahahahahaha! i do so love the things kidlets come up with!


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