May 3, 2007

Chris Sligh stopped by for lunch

Chris & his beautiful wife

Last Friday I was at the boy's school for a few hours. First I read to Bubby's class and then ate lunch with him. After finishing off a rather tasty slice of school pizza, I read to Tater Tot's class. That's the routine every other Friday and I really look forward to it. It usually goes off without a hitch. However, that was not the case this time. Our normally quiet lunch was interrupted when the cafeteria full of children all started clap non-stop. Garrett and I just looked at each other. We were clueless. Then....then it all made sense. Chris Sligh of Americ*n Id*l fame had stopped by. (yeah, he lives in our town!) It wasn't long until he was surrounded by children. He signed a few autographs, posed for a few pictures, and then chatted with the principal. One of Bubby's classmates proudly announced as we were leaving..."I touched him, I touched him!" Bubby couldn't believe that "a real live famous person" was at his school.

P.S. - Here's an article about his first performance since leaving A.I. You can watch the video of it too. Be sure and check out Half Past Forever's site. Their first CD is now on sale! I have to root for our hometown boy. And, lastly, for all things Chris, go his official fan site.


  1. Hi Shane!

    Thanks so much for the mention of the fansite :-)



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  2. cool- there's nothing more entertaining than celebrities at school!

  3. He was my favorite this season. That's cool he went to the school.


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