July 17, 2007

Flowers for Mama...

Bubby did the sweetest thing today! He came in the front door holding his hand behind his back. What could he possibly have I wondered. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. He handed me a colorful bouquet of day lilies. He smiled and said, "These are for you mama." I bent down (not far because he's so dad gum tall) and gave him a peck on the cheek. I asked where in the world he found such beautiful flowers. He said, "Aw the ladies yard up the street" and bolted back out the door. Well, "Lady" if you're reading this....I'm sorry. Just know that they were picked with love, much appreciated and placed directly in water.

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  1. Pretty and sweet! I am sure she wouldnt have minded knowing they were going to a sweet cause!


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