July 18, 2007

Hyperpigmen what?

I've been diagnosed with hyperpigmentation. What? Never heard of it? Neither had I, until this past Monday. A few months back I started getting a dark spot on my upper lip and one on my forehead. They look like this. Come to find out, it's hyperpigmentation. Of all things in my body to be in "hyper" mode. Why couldn't I have hyper hair......growing super fast? Or what about hyper nails? Then I wouldn't have to pay for nails. Or better still, I wouldn't mind having the hyper metabolism of my youth. Oh no.....the pigment in my skin has to get all hyper and funky. The dermatologist said it is most likely due to a combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure. The treatment to get rid of it is L--O--N--G, 3 - 6 months. She prescribed a $125 tube of prescription bleaching cream. "Just rub a pea size amount on you entire face twice a day and that's it", the dermatologist said. That's not all there is too it. Makeup will not conceal the dark places. Therefore, it looks like I have a mustache. Isn't that just lovely? The place on my forehead doesn't really bother me as my bangs cover it. So, it's very unlikely that you'll see many pictures of me on this blog in the months to come. I'm a little camera shy as you might imagine.

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