July 25, 2007

It's just not been my day!

They boys and I thought we'd have lunch with Darrin today. We went and picked him up at work and, wanting something fast, headed for T*co B*ll. We waited quite a long time for our food which is unusual. I mean, that's why it's called fast food, right? We finally got it and sat down. The boys didn't get a toy in their kid's meal. Oh, the injustice. That problem was quickly resolved. Then, Payton dropped his cup, which was full, and his drink went everywhere. After cleaning that mess all up I sat back down to eat my lunch. As I was cutting my "mexican pizza" a piece flew off of the the cardboard plate and landed right on my shirt, my white shirt. I reached for my purse and dug out my Tide stain stick. As I was cleaning my shirt the boys were singing "Na-na-na-na...na-na-na-na"..... you know, the Kelly Ripa commercial. I was about half way finished when.........the tip of the stain stick broke off! Okay, I'll admit it was kind of funny and Darrin had no problem laughing at me either. I finished my "pizza" and we headed back out to the car. I brushed up against a bush that was next to it. That was the prickliest bush I've ever come in contact with. It scratched the side of my leg to pieces. After getting in the car I told the boys I think we should just head on home. Who knows what else might have happened. So much for a nice relaxing lunch date with my hubby!


  1. Jim Cook11:00 PM

    OR you can look it as a memorable lunch....sure was more interesting then reading "We picked up hubby and had a lovely lunch...the end"

    AND remember, it doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty...either way it's not enough.

  2. Wow! My brother left me a comment. I'm so happy!! :)

  3. Sounds like it was definetly one of those days! Glad i am not the only one serenaded when I use my tide pen, the kids sing and hubby always says glad you bought that for the kids (because so far it is mainly me who has to use it...so unfair)


Yippee! I love it when you leave me comments. Thanks a bunch. :)