July 24, 2007

Tater's Tooth

Tater Tot did not have the best day yesterday. He had to go see the dentist. He was supposed to be getting a crown and was all prepared for it. He hopped right up in the chair, laid back and settled in to watch Shrek (the movie) on the ceiling mounted TV. They placed the little thingy over his nose that would supply him with his "happy gas." After a few minutes passed he was the funniest little thing. He was just acting plum silly. The dentist then came in and Tater could have cared less at this point. He was drifting in happy land watching a movie. The dentist gave him a numbing shot, which he didn't even feel of course, and began to work. It wasn't long until he looked up and with disappointment and told me the tooth would just have to be pulled. Oh I so hated to hear that for Tater's sake. Can you believe that he hasn't lost any baby teeth yet? He'll be 7 in a few months and, up until yesterday, still had them all. Anyway, he got the tooth out but we were unable to keep it as broke apart during the extraction. I was warned that he would be in quite a bit of pain the rest of the evening and into today. As soon as we got home I gave him Motrin and then alternated that with Tylenol. He did great! No fussing, no whining or anything. As a matter of fact, he was back to playing with his friends in about an hour after returning home. He was concerned that the tooth fairy wouldn't come because he didn't have a tooth under his pillow. I explained that the dentist would let her know what happened and she would come. When he awoke this morning he was so happy. "She came, she came!" is what I woke up to this morning. She left him $3 and a lost tooth certificate. He's shown all his friends today and is so happy he finally got a visit from her. He's in no pain today and has announced to everyone that he's going to do a better job of brushing his teeth from now on. Whew! That's great to hear. Plus, he's going to have company every time he brushes....mommy or daddy will be standing by to watch.


  1. I love the lost tooth certificate idea. Glad he bounced back so quick. My kids are hooked on the agent blue that you use after you brush and then brush away the blue on the spots you missed.


  3. oh that is SUCH a cool idea!!!


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