August 18, 2007

Ahhhhh, the Sound of Sweet Silence

Hubby was off from work yesterday so he volunteered to take the boys and their friend to the water park. I was happy to let him! I surmised that I had approximately four hours to do with as I pleased. I could have chosen to clean the house, do some laundry or even pay the bills. I chose to do none of them. I chose to do absolutely nothing that could be considered the least bit productive. The thought of having pure silence for four straight hours was quite appealing to me. I wouldn't have to be a referee and break up a fight. I wouldn't have to then be judge and jury and hand down a punishment. I know the day will come when I might actually miss those two duties, but that day was not yesterday. The puppies and I curled up together and took a long, relaxing two hour nap. Then, we woke up, stretched and I read for a bit. It was utter relaxation. I was care free for those 240 minutes and it was delightful.


  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    youre lucky lady! i wish i had a day like that sometimes

  2. Soundslike a great day we all need those some times.

  3. marvellous... so who took the picture?

  4. Good question, Angel! My husband took the picture....a while back. He caught me and the puppies snoozing and took a snap shot. I just used it for tihs post. Thanks for asking.


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