September 17, 2007

Going Home for Homecoming

Me, Darrin and the boys were lucky enough to be able to go "home" to WV this past weekend. The church I grew up in, Toneda Baptist Church, was celebrating it's 98th Homecoming. We had the best time. We saw people we hadn't seen in years. We heard a wonderful sermon courtey of Dr. Rev. Tim Brown. He grew up in Toneda as well and is now the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Clovis in California. (A l-o-n-g way from WV, huh?) The singing was also superb and brought tears to my eyes. My Papaw was in my thoughts of course. It just wasn't the same without him there. But, he's celebrating a much sweeter homecoming in heaven I know. Of course the food was outstanding as well. Those Baptist ladies sure do know how to cook! The best part, however, was the fellowship. Darrin and I saw friends we hadn't seen in years. It's truly amazing how fast times is passing us by. Anway, here are a few pictures I wanted to share:

My dad, me, mom and brother

Tater Tot & Bubby posing for mom

Darrin & I with Pastor Tim

You can see more pictures on flickr and a few more on my MySpace page.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful spirit filled time. I love the matching shirts on the boys.


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