October 18, 2007

And we're off.......

The boys do not have school this Friday or Monday due to "teacher work days." So, today after school, we're heading north.....to Lynchburg, VA. Darrin has a second interview with D*ck's Sporting Goods. If he gets this job we would be moving to Roanoke, VA. That would actually be ideal for us. We would then be about half way between his parents and mine. Plus, we love the area. However, for the moment he has accepted the job with Belk in Mt. Airy, NC. He is scheduled to start this Monday. That's actually our second choice, but he had to let them know something so he told them "yes." Of course if D*ck's offers him that job, we're there! We're going to take advantage of our trip and see from friends and family along the way. My dad lives in Claytor Lake, VA; Darrin's brother is in Christiansburg, VA; my half-brother works at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA; and we have friends in Pulaski, VA. So, we'll be busy. Then we'll swing by Darrin's parents for a night. Saturday we're going to close out the trip by visiting Carowinds Amusement Park just outside of Charlotte, NC. Then we'll head back home. We appreciate your prayers and will let you know the final verdict as soon as we know it.


  1. thinking about and praying for you and Darrin... :)

  2. Good Luck with it all!

    You know I am so jealous.


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