January 8, 2008

Unpacked, moved in and settled......finally!

We have been in Virginia for three weeks now. All of the boxes are unpacked and the pictures are hung. It definitely feels a lot more like "home" now. The boys went to WV with their grandparents for a week right after we got here. That was such a help. I worked like a mad woman to get everything done before they returned on Christmas Eve. Luckily, I had 99% of it done too. Christmas was different, but nice. This was the first year we didn't have a tree. There was just no time, or room to put one. However, we had plenty of family here for the big day so we didn't even miss the tree. Darrin's parents, grandmother and brother were here along with my mom and step-dad. We had a wonderful time visiting, eating, eating and eating.

The boys have been in school for a week now and are adjusting well. At first they didn't like it. Tater Tot said it was "old and rusty." Of course they are comparing it to their old school which was only two years old and was an $11 million facility. It was state of the art. The new one is much older. However, we've told them that it doesn't matter what the school looks like, the teachers are what matter. They both like their teachers which is a blessing. I haven't had the opportunity to volunteer at the school yet. I'm certainly hoping that changes soon. I so miss it.

The boys have also started Upward Basketball here. I signed them up before we even left South Carolina. Their first games were this past Saturday. As always, they loved it and are looking forward to the next one.

The boys and I attended church this past Sunday (Darrin had to work). We chose to go to the church that they are playing basketball at. What a good decision! It was a wonderful service. Everyone was so nice, friendly and welcoming. The pastor delivered such a powerful message. We're looking forward to going again.

The Lord has really taken care of us. He provided us with a great rental house that is in the best location. He knew what school the boys needed to be in and which church we needed to become involved in........and both are within two miles of our house. This transition has been hard as one would expect, but the Lord is definitely doing everything he can to make it easier on us.

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  1. So good to hear that you are getting settled in.


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