February 7, 2008

The 100th Day of School

The boys recently celebrated the 100th day of school. They brought home a cute paper relating to this special day that I wanted to share.

Tater's answers to "If I had 100..."

  • ...dollars I would buy a dirt bike and a four wheeler
  • ...pencils I would sell them
  • ... mosquito bites I would scratch them
  • ...friends I would have a party
  • ...legs I would take them off
  • ...eyes I would poke them
  • ...dirt bikes I would ride them
  • ...four wheelers I would ride them
  • ...mopeds I would ride them
  • ...girlfriends I would sell them (okay, that one worries me a little)

Bubby's answers to the same question of "If I had 100..."

  • ...dollars I would get a car
  • ...pencils I would give some to my friends
  • ...mosquito bites I would not be happy
  • ...friends I would have them all over for a sleep over
  • ...legs I would stay at home
  • ...eyes I would be able to see everywhere
  • ...books I would read all of them

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  1. Cute, those are definetly things to save to laugh and look back at.


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