February 3, 2008

Church Today and Years Ago

Since moving to VA, we have found a wonderful church. The Lord actually led us there before we even moved from SC. Our boys have played Upward basketball for the past four years and wanted to continue this year. So, I began looking into what churches offered the program in VA in late November. I found several churches but felt led to go with one particular church. I signed them up online for the program and they were all set to go. What a blessing!

In the six weeks that we've been here the boys have played in basketball games every Saturday, made friends through Sunday school and Pioneer club on Wednesday night, and we have felt welcome from day one. We adore Pastor Chip and come away from each of his messages with more knowledge that when we arrived.

Today was another example. He spoke about friendship and contentment. He said, " the enemy of most friendships is envy." He then went on to explain that a way to avoid this is to learn contentment. How true! Contentment.....who cares what the Jones' have? I'm going to be thankful for what the Lord has allowed me to have!

Before Pastor Chip even spoke this morning I was moved. We sang several hymns, as we always do, but the ones today were special. They were hymns that I've grown up singing. I could just hear my grandmother's voice singing along with me. I could picture myself as a little girl standing beside her in the second pew from the front. I remembered my Papaw slipping into the pew beside us after he'd finished counting the number of people gathered to worship. I was almost overcome with emotion. For a brief second, I wished I was thirty years younger. I wished I could hold my Mamaw's hand as she sang and riffle through her purse for candy as the sermon was given. That "feeling" was the Lord. He was reminding me what a wonderful set of grandparents he gave me. He was letting me know that Papaw, who is with him in heaven, was looking down on me and smiling. He was letting me know not to take my Mamaw's remaining years here with us for granted.

As we sat down to listen to Pastor Chip, I gently placed my arm around Bubby (Tater was in Sunday School), and squeezed him tight. I hope when he is grown that he will have the same precious memories of his childhood spent in church. Then, I pulled out the bookmark that was saving my place in my bible. It's a bookmark that contains my Papaw's obituary with a wonderful picture that shows what a handsome man he was. I looked at his smiling face and thanked God from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I'm s glad you found a church home! (and so easily!) -- church "shopping" is what I hate most when i move, but like you, we were just led to one..

    it's great to see you at Upward games... :D I'm glad the kids are adjusting too!

  2. Shane,

    I've tried to contact you by email, and I'm not sure if you got it. I've been trying to reach you because you won a cell phone case at my giveaway. Please contact me asap with your address. My email is

    momala 27 at yahoo dot com.

  3. Hi there! You were also the winner of my 'movie night' giveaway. I emailed you on Saturday but haven't heard from you...you can email me through my blog. Congrats!




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