February 22, 2008

Wow, I'm lucky all of a sudden!

I never and I do mean never win anything. I never have and that's just the way it goes. However, the luck fairy recently sprinkled her fairy dust on me and I didn't' even know it! Last month the author of Rocks In My Dryer hosted a Blog Carnival on her other blog... Bloggy Giveaways (which also happens to be one of favorite blogs for obvious reasons).

I know what some of you [mom, Uncle Barbe, Jim, and the rest of my non-blogging family members] are asking... What in the Sam Hill is a Blog Carnival? Okay, here goes... A blogger hosts a carnival and invites fellow bloggers to participate by giving away something at their blog. They then place a link to their giveaway post on the hostess' blog. People visit the blogs, look around, see what the blogger is giving away, and (if interested) leave a comment for a chance to win. Each comment is assigned a number. Most bloggers then use a random number generator to pick the winner. Clear as mud, right?

Anyway, this particular carnival had 890 participants. Wow!! Needless to say I didn't have time to enter all 890 giveaways. So, I just picked those that I would truly like to win. And??? And, I won 3 fabulous prizes. Yeah me! Wanna see 'em?

First, I won these fantastic Williams-Sonoma bowls from The Queen B herself. This is the one giveaway that I really, really wanted. I was so happy. I've used them a number of times since I received them. They're awesome. Who knew 4 mixing bowls could make a gal so happy? They have a pour spout, a nice wide lip to hold while mixing, are beautiful colors and have a no-slip ring on the bottom so they don't slip on the counter while you're using them. Ahhhhh, pure joy. Thanks ever so much Queen B!

Then, I was lucky enough to win this handmade giveaway from Momala. It's just the sweetest little thing. Plus, it's PINK... my favorite color of course. It holds my pink cell phone perfectly (yes it really is pink).

Lastly, I won a great movie night gift basket from Alas 3 Lads. It arrived all decorated with a Valentine's theme complete with a gigantic box of Whoppers, Twizzlers, Toffee popcorn and the movie Tully. The sweets are long gone (yummy, yummy) and we're hoping to watch the movie soon.

I can't wait until the next Blog Carnival at Bloggy Giveaways. This time I plan to participate by giving away a little something from Shane Shares and a book or two from my other blog, the ADHD & LD Resource Blog.


  1. i never win everything... this last carnvial was no different... but i love to give things away... :D so that's what i do...

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Make sure to let me know when the next one is. :D

  3. I'm friends with Miss Hope and noticed your comment...checked out your blog and its incredible how much you and her teenage daughter resemble each other...look for pictures on her older posts...what do you think?

  4. Hi Shane,
    There are a couple of days left to get in on my 200th post Giveaway at Hospitality Lane. Feel free to drop by and enter.
    I found you through Alas Three Lads.
    Becky K.

  5. I got the hook up now! I, too, did not know of this fabulous thing going on.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. I miss my S.C., too, and hope to see it on a daily basis when the hubby retires from the Navy.

    Hope to see you around more. Those who love the palmetto tree and crescent moon must stick together!


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