May 27, 2008

A Picture for the Tooth Fairy

Tater Tot lost a tooth last week and left a nice drawing for the Tooth Fairy. "She must have liked it," he said, "because she left me $4 for just one tooth!"


  1. That is cute. Britt leaves notes for the toothfairy, no pics yet but usually it is "Please let my mom keep this tooth so I can one day look at all of them".

  2. Is that the going rate for a tooth these days? Really, not a quarter anymore??? I got to get a job.

  3. 51% of parents we surveyed give a dollar - so four bucks is pretty good! My wife and I are writing a book about the tooth fairy... and can you believe a handful of parents actually give $20 per tooth and $50 for the "first tooth"??? I don't know about you all, but I would love to lose my teeth in those families!


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