May 18, 2008

Taterisms & a Bubby Blunder

Last weekend the boys and I were in Oceana, WV (i.e. "home") for Mother's Day. Sunday afternoon there was a tornado watch in effect. Tater told his dad that it was really dark, high winds and lots of rain but he didn't see any funnel cakes in the sky!

Tater came home from school one day, unpacked his backpack as usual and then searched the bottom for "something important." He pulled out a little scrap of paper, held it up in the air and announced..... I finally got Madison's phone number! He is his father's child.

When his friend's mother asked Tater where his dad worked he replied, "At a hoity-toity grocery store where they play fancy music." She asked what he did there and he told her "Nothing much really. He just walks around all day and straightens stuff." For the record he's as assistant manager at The Fresh Market and says he does do a little more than that each day.

While putting lotion on Tater's legs after his shower I asked if he knew what those blue lines were under his skin. He assured me he did and said, "Yes, they're blood vines!"
Just last night we were watching a movie on TV and Tater told us that he doesn't like it when movies are in mail box. (letter box)

Tater says that he doesn't like it when he has nightmares and wishes he would have goodmares sometime.

Bubby recently helped his dad install a white picket fence at the side of our house. He was telling his nana about it and referenced the pence fost that he helped his dad set in concrete.

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  1. Too, cute. I love the things children say, sometimes its a little embarrassing but always entertaining.


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