June 27, 2008

Children get whatever they want at Grandma's!

So.... Tater is spending some quality time with Gee (my mom) in WV. He loves to go to Gee's because he gets spoiled rotten and is apparently the "king of the house" when he's there. Okay, I totally get that. I used to be quite the princess at my Grandparent's house as well! I did, however, have limits. Tater proved today that he is capable of talking his Gee into ANYTHING! Here he is upon his arrival in WV.... cute, sweet, innocent...........

And, after only 2 days into his rule, this is him now.............

Hard rockin', tough, home boy Tater! Where's my baby??

Look at that! He has NO hair on the sides of his head!!

He does look happy I guess. But, I told him he couldn't come back home until it grew out! Yeah right ;)


  1. Karma2:45 PM

    Oh My-let Tater know I am LOVING that cut on him!

  2. Wow, I have to say it is cute. My daughter talked my mom into taking her to get her ears pierced not quite shaved head though..lol

  3. Luke is going to Grandma's at the end of July. hmmm....should I trust her or not???? lol

  4. How scary . . . and adorable!

  5. So I guess I should go apologize to my mother-in-law for spoiling my kids to the point where I yelled at her. She just made brownies for breakfast & bought them everything under the sun, but she did not give them mohawks. I should lighten up.

  6. Adorable but I would be upset.


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