June 11, 2008

Welcome Home, Jim!

(Jim is on the left)

My brother, Master Sergeant James L. Cook, has retired from the US Air Force after 26 years of service. To welcome him (and his family) home, our "home" church had a dinner after church this past Sunday in his honor. My mom is so excited to have them moving back "home." She even managed to talk him into buying the house right beside of her!

(L to R front): Boots (mom), Lucille (Mamaw), me, Dawn (sis-in-law), Lisa (sis-in-law), Trish (step mom). Back: Gayle (step dad), Darrin (hubby), Jim (brother), Rodney (brother) & Donnie (dad).......... one big dysfunctional family. :)

You can see more pictures from Sunday on flickr.


  1. Well, welcome back, Jim! And thanks for the years!

  2. Jim Cook8:22 AM

    Hey Sis, thanks for the post and thank you moziesme for the comment. By the way, I retired as a Master Sergeant.

  3. How fabulous your brother is home for good. I thank him for all he's done for our country and its freedom.

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  5. We don't know your brother, but our family is deeply grateful for his years of service to keep our country free (and safe)!! Tell him "thank you" for us!
    Angie Ownbey

    (tell Payton and Garrett "hi" for us, too:)

  6. Oops, sorry Master Sergeant Jimbo! I'm just a civilian...what can I say. I've corrected my mistake in the post. Welcome home again!!

  7. Jim Cook11:30 PM

    Thanks Sis and thank you for all the help with the house!!


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