August 27, 2008

Peace of Mind for only .77 cents

Both boys started school this past Monday. As I mentioned earlier, one was super excited and the other....not so much. The "other" is Payton, our youngest. He's in second grade. He puts on a tough guy persona... one that likes skateboarding, four wheeling and the like. But, truth be told, he's still a mama's boy and I love it!

When he came home from school Monday I went through his backpack as usual. I was anxious to see what goodies he brought home from the first day of school. After finding his work and saving it for his scrapbook, I found an old, broken watch of mine in the bottom of the backpack. Then, I also unearthed one of his dad's old watches. I was quite puzzled.

I asked him about it and reluctantly explained to me why they were in there. He told me that he misses me and daddy while he's at school and he wanted to take something to remember us by. Isn't that just precious?

So, after giving him tons of hugs and kisses we sat down to chat about it. I asked if he'd like me to find something for him to take that he could keep in his desk. He happily replied, "Yes!!" This is what I came up with....

This is one of his favorite pictures of Darrin and I. He has a copy of it in his room in a cute little frame he picked out. So, I used this picture and uploaded it to There you can do all sorts of fun stuff with your photos. I added the words and the little heart. Then, I uploaded that picture to W@lmart's website... used the one hour printing option... and we picked it up at our local W@almart that evening.

I got a small, discreet wallet size. He helped me laminate it. Then, we put two small magnets on the back and voila... it was ready! Now he can just slip it into his desk and it won't get lost as the magnets will keep it in place. He was so excited. Can't beat that, right?

1 wallet print: .12 cents
1 sheet of laminate: .40 cents
2 magnets: .25 cents
The unconditional love of your 7 year old son: Totally Priceless!

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