October 28, 2008

I do not Own "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

Tonight, after carving our pumpkins, my boys are watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It's such a special treat every year. We make our hot chocolate, with all the trimmings, and settle in on our couch for an hour. I know they sell this movie at every major retailer in the country, but I refuse to buy it!

Having this movie in our personal DVD library would take away its special-ness. If the boys knew they could watch it in the middle of summer it would just lose it's magic. Just like everything else, it would be taken for granted. Therefore, we'll continue to look forward to that one hour a year when we can snuggle as a family and enjoy the greatness of the pumpkin patch.

I remember when I was little... I would look forward to the one night a year that The Wizard of Oz was on television. Oh how I loved that movie. It's so magical, so wonderful. I would sit, undisturbed, in front of our TV through the entire movie. The possibility of ever owning this classic never even crossed my mind as a child. That was never even in the realm of possibilities. This was before we even owned a VCR for Pete's Sake. Even if my mom could have purchased it, I'm glad I didn't own it. I'm glad I had to wait 364 days to see it again. To this day it is one of my favorite flicks. That's another movie that I refuse to buy too.

So here's to the Emerald City and the Great Pumpkin, whom I shall only see once every 364 days. May you each retain your magic for generations to come!

Darrin was attempting to be all spooky and took this picture in the dark, hence the orange glow!

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  1. I agree!! I used to watch The Wizard of Oz at my grandmother's and it was always in the summer!!

    I have never let me kids get the Christmas DVD's, etc. from the library until after Thanksgiving--it just wouldn't be right.Sounds like we have a few "quirks" in common.

    We also did the Great Pumpkin thing last night, except I was too tired after work to worry with hot chocolate. We did, however, carve a "T" in honor of Tennessee in the pumpkin. (Even though they stink this year--we're still loyal!)


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