December 3, 2008

The Tree is Up

The boys were so excited to put up our tree this year since we didn't have one last year.  Yes, it was the Christmas without a tree.  We moved from South Carolina to Virginia on 12/18/07.  As hard as I tried, there was just no way to get that tree up before Christmas day.  I hated it for the boys, but we all made it through.

All of that being said, this year's tree is super special.  We all missed.  We also had a little extra help putting it up and decorating it this year... Uncle Danny (Darrin's brother) joined us.  We shared a pot of homemade chili and then started playing the Christmas music! 

THE ornament... WVU

We have a pre-lit tree which has never given us any problems before..... before this year.  We had to wiggle and re-wiggle almost every branch to get all of the lights to work.  As is our tradition, Garrett and Payton each had a new ornament to put on the tree this year.  I always try to get them something that represents their interests from the previous year.  Garrett got a High School Musical 3 ornament.  He loves those movies!  Payton got a guy on a skateboard.  He's really been into learning that this year.

So, the tree is up and the house is looking all Christmas-y.  Bring on Santa!

It was Payton's year to put the angel on

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  1. I do the same thing!! Try to find ornaments that reflect their interests from that year. I searched and searched for an ornament for my 14 year old and finally settled on this beautiful white high heel shoe. It just screams girl. She can't wear heels because of problem ankles but she loved it and made a vow to wear a pair one day.


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