March 4, 2009

More Taterisms to Brighten Your Day

"Dad, when you were a little kid did you have a yo-yo?" Darrin said, "yes." Payton then added, "I guess it was made of wood, right?" His said asked, "why do you say that?" "Because I know they didn't have plastic back then," Payton replied.

I said, "Look Payton, here's a coffee mug with a 'D' on it. That could be for Daddy or Darrin." Without hesitating he replied, "Or Doofus!!" I guess I should be happy he's learning to spell, right?

While completing his math homework, Payton was getting frustrated with the subtraction problems. He put his book down and angrily said, "I hate subtraction! When will I ever have to used that in my life any way?!" A few minutes later he was having difficulty with subtraction again and I was trying to explain the concept of re-grouping (borrowing for our old timers). Again, he got frustrated and said, "Never mind, I'll just do subtraction with my own style!"

He's recently given our dog Bo, who tends to pass a lot of gas, a new name.... Bo Mc Farts-a-lot. No, they are usually not allowed to say the "f" word, but that one was too funny!

I usually call my mom at least once a day to update her on the boys' day. Last night I waited until Payton was in the bathtub to call her because I wanted to tell her about a note his teacher had sent home. Now, he's upstairs, in the bathroom, in the bathtub, with the door shut and apparently still heart me telling her about the note. Next thing I know he's hollering, "Why don't you just put it in the newspaper for Pete's sake?" Now, why can't he hear me when he's standing right next to me and I ask him to clean his room??

One night recently we were going around the dinner table and everyone was to say at least one thing they liked about each person. When Payton's turn came he said....
I like that mommy is pretty.
I like that daddy plays the PS2 with me.
I like that Garrett is nice.
And, I like everything about me!


  1. Those are too adorable!

  2. Love this post! This just shows the kid has sparkling wonderful personality!


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