July 26, 2005


It has finally happened. The moment I have waited so patiently for for over eight years is finally here........no more "Barney." Whether you have little ones at your house or not you know who I'm talking about. That plump, purple, way too happy dinosaur. He started out as marginally enjoyable at best. Then, with each passing half hour show, he quickly became annoying. Sure, the kids love him but the parents do not share their affection. For Pete's sake, how many times can he sing about flying in an airplane?

Anyway, back to my point.....Today my almost 5 year old son announced to all who could hear that he was "too old for Barney." "Plus," he added, "he's just not cool!" I could hardly contain my excitement. Barney has been a staple at our house since my oldest son, who is 8 1/2, was born. I have longed for this day since then. I joyfully handed him the remote and let him do the honors....turning off Barney! Oh, how I hope he doesn't have a relapse and need a quick Barney 'fix.' I'm going to encourage him to be strong and fight the urge should it arise. He's taken the first step and now I want to see him run, run as fast as he can before the purple singing sensation catches up with him again.

Let's hear it for Payton....Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!!! Adios, Barney. It's been nice (just being nice here) knowing you. By the way, I wonder if there's a 'BA' (Barney's Anonymous) out there anywhere?

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