July 30, 2005

She actually came!

Recently I invited my Mamaw and Aunt down to SC for a visit. Well, it was to be more than a visit, actually. That particular weekend Joyce Meyer, a fantastic Christian speaker, was having a three day convention in town. Seeing as how my grandmother practically never travels outside of WV, I didn't actually expect her to take me up on my offer. However, much to my delighted surprise, she did! She and my aunt arrived around midnight on Wednesday night. That's another oddity all in itself. She's not a night owl and usually turns in well before the 11:00 pm news.

Since this was to be their first visit to our home in SC I wanted to make an outstanding impression. Me and my two boys cleaned all day. I wanted every square inch of our house to shine. My youngest, who is 4, looked at me and said, "Mom, would we be doing this if Mamaw wasn't coming?" Now what was that supposed to mean? Was he implying that our house was seldom clean? Surely not! Well, we did finish with a few hours to spare. I must say it looked pretty darn good too.

We had such a wonderful three days together. We attended three of the four sessions that she gave. She's such an inspiring speaker. I highly recommend you take a listen to her. If you want more info. check her out at http://www.joycemeyer.com. When we weren't at one of the sessions we just sat and reminisced. Of course my Papaw, who passed away May 23rd, was a huge topic of conversation. We must have gone through ten pounds of coffee in those three days. My wonderful husband stayed home with the boys so I could have this much needed girl time. It was a wonderful time, well spend with two women that I greatly admire. I'm so thankful and blessed that they came. It was a special time that I'll hold close to my heart for many years to come.

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  1. Eric Lusk11:56 AM


    You are such an inspiration to me and have been for many years.
    I consider you 1 of my friends that I can rely on when things get tough.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I will always LOVE you.



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